Only 18 percent of women between the ages of 40 and 59 get enough exercise, reports government statistics.

(1) And when women hit age 60, this number drops to just 12 percent.

Why are so many women avoiding exercise, and specifically avoiding weight lifting?

The reasons for skipping the weights (and the health benefits that come with lifting weights) just might surprise you.

The #1 Reason Many Women Avoid Weight Training

“But I don’t want to get big!”

According to many personal trainers, this is one of the top reasons that women give for not wanting to lift weights.

(1) Women are worried they’ll develop those bulky, veiny muscles they see in the media and in ads.

But here’s the thing:

Those “big guys” you see on fitness magazine covers and in TV shows have quite literally devoted their every waking moment to getting there.

Unless you spend 8+ hours in the gym every day like they do, you won’t get too big.

And this unfounded worry — along with other demotivating factors, such as finding the gym intimidating or not knowing what exercises to try — could be depriving you of valuable health benefits as you get older!

Let’s explore the benefits of exercise training for women your age, and how you can get started right in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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