Don’t Smoke

No matter how old you are now, it’s never too late to quit.

In fact, studies have found that most women start trying to quit the habit in their 40s. (5)

The free radicals related to smoking can accelerate the aging process. (6)

For smokers, the habit is one of the chief causes of fine lines, wrinkles, yellow teeth and other symptoms that make you look far older than you really are.

On top of that, it increases your risks of a wide array of diseases (e.g. heart disease, diabetes, etc.) that making aging more difficult than it needs to be.

The Queen’s father died at the young age of 56 due to complications related to smoking, (7) and this left a bad taste (pun intended) in the Queen’s mouth.

To this day, she doesn’t smoke, and that has kept her youthful and healthy.

Play with a Pet

The Queen got her first dog, which was named Susan, back in 1944. (8)

Since then, Her Majesty has had a well-documented love for the corgi dog breed and has had dozens of puppies.

If you want to feel happier, more joyful and healthier as you get older, dogs could be the anti-aging secret we’ve all been looking for.

In fact, according to Harvard Medical School, woman’s best friend could be your best way to handle getting older. (9)

Harvard notes numerous benefits for older women:

    • Having a dog keeps you less stressed
    • A dog improves the overall well-being and the quality of life for older women
    • Having a dog keeps you social and involved in the community (social isolation is a major health risk of older women)
    • Pets encourage you to be more physically active

If you don’t like pets or aren’t able to have one due to rental restrictions or family requirements, head to a shelter and simply spend time with a cuddly animal.

The health benefits are still there.

“Just petting a dog can reduce the petter’s blood pressure and heart rate (while having a positive effect on the dog as well),” reports Harvard.

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