“It’s all to do with training,” says Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. “You can do a lot if you’re properly trained.

This month, the Queen is turning 92 (she was born on April 21, 1926).

Across the span of her decades of rule over the United Kingdom, the Queen has maintained her youthful wit, her love for her dogs and her iconic style.

And each of us can get some training from her own approach to aging.

If you want to age with class, and want tips on handling the process of getting older with the type of class and substance fit for a queen, there are a few anti-aging strategies and tips that we can glean from the Queen’s life.

These tips might not get you your own Netflix TV show like her, but they’ll make you look and feel like you deserve one.

Stay Physically Active

The Queen has earned more than $11 million off of her champion horses over the last 30 years, (1) but that’s not the only thing she’s gained.

Her Royal Majesty has been riding horses since she was three years old, and has continued the sport in her 90s. (2)

This, along with her long daily walks with her beloved dogs, has kept her very physically active.

And while not every woman may find herself able to (or even wanting to) ride horses when she’s 90, physical activity is a key aspect of staying healthy and avoiding many of the health problems that arise as you get older.

Research published in 2017 looked at the DNA of approximately 6,000 people and found that exercising for just 30 to 40 minutes a day can reverse aging on the cellular level by nearly seven years.

(3) That’s right: Exercise doesn’t just make you look and feel good, but it can actually make you physically younger.

Exercise is also one of the best ways to fight osteoporosis, reports the National Osteoporosis Foundation, and can help you to avoid falls and fragile bones as you age. (4)

You don’t have to be a gym bunny to reap these anti-aging benefits.

After all, the Queen isn’t a member of a 24-Hour Fitness or an Equinox gym.

Instead, do what she does: Find daily physical activities that you enjoy.

It won’t feel like exercise at all, and is an important step in maintaining your strength, flexibility and lifestyle as you get older.

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