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Our Butterfly Ageless Combo Package contains two products: (1) Butterfly Ageless Glow; (2) Butterfly Ageless Wrinkle-Relaxer. You save 20% instantly when you get this combo package.

This package gives your skin a ‘moisture binder’ and ‘collagen booster’ solution so you experience vibrant skin with less visible wrinkles. This makes you look years younger without expensive surgeries or painful injections. Your friends, family, and love interest in your life will notice the difference in your face.

Directions for Butterfly Ageless Glow: Apply daily to your cleansed face. Then take a pearl-sized drop and smooth evenly over your face, using massaging, circular strokes. Pay attention to wrinkle prone areas.

Directions for Butterfly Ageless Wrinkle-Relaxer: Each night after cleansing, take a drop and massage evenly over your face and neck. Avoid contact with your eyes.

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