Ageless Skin Care Cookbook Series Vol. 2 – Vegetarian Recipes

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Getting older is unavoidable, but you don’t have to suffer the rapid aging most women experience. According dermatologists, 25 is the age when your body’s cell replacement system just stops. And, the negative effects of aging start to show when you hit your 40s.

Finger-Licking VEGETARIAN Skin Care Meal Recipes For Youthful Skin. This is volume #2 of the Ageless Skin Care Cookbook series created by us at Butterfly Ageless Beauty.

A curation of Vegetarian breakfasts (10), lunches (10), dinners (10), and desserts (10) with ingredients that promote youthful skin. The meals in this Vegetarian cook book are quick and easy to prepare, while helping you peel years off your face naturally.

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Ageless Skin Care Cookbook Series - Vegetarian Recipes

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