Beeswax for skin care products to reduce wrinkles is popular among women over 50.

Most women who prefer natural ingredients in anti-aging face products, love what bees do.

Although, you might think of honey as their most popular product, based on known health and skin care benefits, bees also produce another compound that can work great on your skin called “beeswax.”

How Safe Is Beeswax For Skin?

Beeswax is a substance created from the honeycomb of honeybees.

To create one pound of beeswax, bees must first consume eight pounds of honey first.

The mixture of pollen oils into the honeycomb wax, transforms the white wax into a yellow or brown-ish color.

Beeswax can be white, bleached, or yellow.

The yellow beeswax treated with alcohol is commonly called “beeswax absolute.”

There are some medical benefits of beeswax to low cholesterol and as a pain reliever.

It has also been used to treat inflammation, hiccups, ulcers, and diarrhea.

In the food and beverage industry, beeswax absolute is used as a stiffening agent for cheese, as a coating to protect against spoilage.

One word of caution is that although beeswax is most likely safe when applied directly to your skin, pregnant or breast-feeding women may want to avoid the substance because there isn’t enough reliable research about it’s safety.

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