Do Small Acts of Kindness

Sure, doing a grand gesture (such as standing outside your lover’s window with a boombox like John Cusack does in the movie “Say Anything” has its place in showing the depth of your love.

But it’s in the mundane everyday that true love shines.

In a study published in the journal Emotion, researchers followed 175 couples for the first seven months of their marriage.

(3) They found that doing little acts of kindness every day increased the couples’ happiness, emotional well-being, and sense of fulfillment.

Try one of the following today and see your partner’s eyes light up in appreciation:

    • Do the laundry
    • Wash dishes
    • Wash their car
    • Take out the trash
    • Make them breakfast
    • Bring them coffee

Household chores are unavoidable in a relationship, and it’s something that no one enjoys.

By contributing more to the household duties, you make yourself more attractive in your partner’s eyes.

Plus, it helps to show your loved one that you see your relationship as a true partnership.

Finally, doing household chores clears up both of your schedule to enjoy more quality time together doing things you love.

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