Investing in your relationships isn’t just about building a stronger, more intimate bond with your spouse or partner.

It’s also about investing in your own health, well-being and happiness.

“Two people are not in a relationship unless the behaviors and outcomes of one affect the behaviors and outcomes of the other,” reports the Oxford Handbook of Close Relationships.

(2) “It is this interdependence…that grants relationship partners powerful influence over one another. Perhaps nowhere is the effect of this influence more apparent than…the link between romantic relationships and health: individuals’ physical health…are profoundly influenced by their partners.”

If you want to see more passion, more romance and renewed closeness, it requires a daily commitment to love.

You see, passion isn’t kindled overnight, but instead comes from a regular ritual that keeps you and your partner’s lives intertwined and connected.

Every relationship is different, and even the same relationship will evolve, shift and morph over time.

No matter where your relationship is today — whether you feel like it could use some tender, loving care, or if you feel like you’re still enjoying the passionate throes of youthful love — the following daily habits can help build and strengthen any romantic bond.

And by making these habits a part of your regular life, instead of simply a “special event” for an anniversary or milestone, you create a buffer against life’s obstacles and future relationship problems.

Start today with one of these daily habits.

Over time, they’ll become an indispensable tool in your relationship toolbox to keep your relationship (and your health) at its peak.

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